Date of First Publication : August 16, 1991
Frequency : Fortnightly
Publication Dates : 1st and 16th of every month
Language : English
Size : 17.5 inch x 11.5 inch
No. of pages : 12-20 pages
No. of Colors : 4 colors
Readership (Print Version) : Over 100,000
Hit Online Version : Over 300,000 every month
Break-up of Circulation : 60% in Dhaka, 35% outside Dhaka (within Bangladesh), 5% outside Bangladesh
Distribution Channel : News stand : 40%, Subscription : 60%
Readership profile : a.   Airline Executives
b.   Travel Agencies
c.   Tour Operators
d.   Shipping Agencies
e.   Hotel/Restaurants
f.   Travel Trade Personnel
g.   Business Executives
h.   Expatriates
i.   Hotel Guests (Major Hotels in Dhaka)
j.   Travelling people
k.   Besides, it is also used as inflight reading materials by major Airlines, operating from Dhaka.
Editorial Synopsis : The publication deals mainly in Aviation and Tourism. Besides, it also deals in Hotel and Restaurant, Cargo, Shipping, Commerce and Banking.