AI to increase non-stop flights to SFO and Oz

A Monitor Report 01 Mar, 2018  |    -      +
New Delhi : Air India is looking at majorly increasing the frequency of its popular non-stops to San Francisco (SFO) and Australia.

The Delhi-SFO flight is currently six days a week and the Maharaja is planning a 50 per cent increase by making it nine times a week. And the daily Delhi-Australia non-stop may be raised to 10 flights weekly. AI is the only airline that flies non-stop from India to Australia and to the west coast of US.

Similarly, AI currently has four flights a week on Delhi-Sydney and three to Melbourne. The airline is planning to make it five flights a week to Sydney and as many to Melbourne. Being the only direct flight between India and Australia, there is significant demand for these flights, say officials. This is acknowledged by the Australians as well.

AI is for now not considering launching a Delhi-Los An-geles (LA) non-stop. "We have our entire establishment in SFO. Launching flights to LA now means lot of additional expense" the official said.

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