AirAsia pilot allegedly puts AC on full blast to deboard passenger

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Kolkata : Bagdogra bound AirAsia flight courted another controversy, when some passengers got into an altercation with airline staff over deboarding them after the flight was delayed by over four hours, claimed a passenger.

The captain put the air-conditioning blower on full blast to scare the passengers to leave the plane, after passengers refused to deboard due to heavy rains outside.

The full blast of AC created a scary scene as heavy fog was created inside the plane and it was very suffocating, complained a passenger.

Some passengers on an AirAsia India flight from Kolkata to Bagdogra scheduled to depart at 9 am got into an altercation with airline staff over deplaning them after the flight was delayed, a passenger claimed.

Dipankar Ray, Executive Director (West Bengal), Indian Oil Corporation, who was also travelling in the same flight, complained of very "unprofessional and rude" behaviour from the airline staff.

The flight captain then instructed all passengers to deboard without any explanation, he added.

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