Boeing B797 to enter market in 2025

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Chicago : Denis Muilen-burg, CEOP of Boeing expects the Boeing B797 will be announced by early 2019.

The B797 like all big programmes will lower earnings and cash in the next decade but strong performance by other aircraft should keep earnings growing.

Analysts talk about the Boeing B797 as a US$10 to US$15 billion project. It would enter the market in 2025.

At the first quarter earnings call, Boeing CEO said that he expected an announcement within a year.

Boeing would want a flashy announcement with firm orders from launch customers with coverage of the unique features and passenger comforts.

The stock will increase as investors view it as a sign of stronger growth.

The announcement could come at the Farnborough Airshow in July but more likely at the Singapore Airshow in February.

The Boeing B797 began in 2014 as an outgrowth of the attempt to replace the Boeing B737 that lost out to the Airbus A320 with a new engine.

A successful B797 would lead to a B737 replacement in 2030 using the enhanced technology in a different configuration. The B797 could sell 4000-5000 units.

The design does not utilise new technology like the B787, rather it aims to lower the cost and improve performance of B787/777X technology.

Boeing will follow its standard policy of building two models with the same maximum take-off weight. This allows them to use the same engines, wing, etc.

This approach yielded a 95 per cent commonality between the B787 dash 9 and 10. The shorter-range model could fly from New York to Los Angeles carrying 270 passengers, while the long-range version could fly across the Atlantic carrying 220 passengers.

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