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We have to change mindset to increase aviation safety

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Dhaka : Aviation safety has to be always kept in mind. All concerned have to change their existing mindset in this regard.

Besides airlines, the role of Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh (CAAB) is very important, specially their oversight, developing aviation infrastructure and keeping the security system updated with the times.

The technical efficiency of pilots, engineers, officials and staff has to be raised and passengers' awareness increased.

Speakers said this at a discussion on "Role of Media: Promoting Airline Safety" at Pan Pacific Sonargaon Dhaka in the city on January 29. The airline recently secured a place on world's safe airlines list.

It came up in the discussion that 40-year-old air traffic management system still existed at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport (HSIA), country's prime gateway by air. Air navigation facilities also have not kept up with the times.

While the aircraft is in the air, bird hits often cause accidents. The risks increase particularly while taking off or landing. In Bangladesh, air guns are still used to drive away the birds from the airport runways.

The surfaces of the runways at Jashore and Saidpur airports are not satisfactory, which can cause aircraft's landing wheel tyres to burst.

Mofizur Rahman, Managing Director, NOVOAIR said since its inception NOVOAIR was giving utmost importance to aviation safety. Media can play a key role to ensure aviation safety, he opined.

He said the importance of the role of the media in improving the infrastructure of airports, air traffic management, updating of rules, regulations and laws and in increasing passengers; awareness cannot be doubted.

He said NOVOAIR attained three-star ranking among the private airlines of the country. Had it earned six stars, NOVOAIR could have gone for IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA). Another three stars were needed for that. But the airline has not been allocated a place for hangar at HSIIA.

“We could have gone further had there been a level playing field”, he said.

Captain Ashfaq Ur Rahman, Chief of Safety, NOVOAIR presented some important safety aspects before the journalists. He highlighted aspects like pilots having to pass difficult examinations at different stages, psychometric and psychological profiling, flight data examination and analysis, flight operational quality audit under the supervision of foreign specialists.

Hashibur Rashid, Director, NOVOAIR and journalists also took part in the discussion.

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