Singapore Airlines to increase in-flight sustainability efforts

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Singapore : Singapore Airlines (SIA) is stepping up its inflight sustainability initiatives, by introducing new efforts to reduce food waste and cutting back on plastic products.

At the SIA's World Gourmet Forum, the flag carrier said it would introduce automated data collection, artificial intelligence and machine learning to better predict customers' consumption patterns and further reduce cabin food waste. Said that food product waste varies depending on the flight and passenger profile, but with the data on hand, it can adjust portions served accordingly.

The carrier also aims to be plastic straw-free by September 2019, by replacing children drinking straws with paper straws, which is the only plastic straw product left. SIA said the changes will reduce about 820,000 plastic straws each year. In addition, the airline plans to replace all plastic swizzle sticks to wooden ones, in the same timeframe.

SIA added that other plastic packaging will be replaced by biodegradable options, along with children's toys packaging, that will be replaced by paper bags.

In Singapore, the carrier is working with caterer SATS to source for food from local vertical farms, and fisheries with Best Aquaculture Practices certification. It has also announced that it will venture into a new partnership with US Newark-based verticalfarm, Aerofarm, for fresh produce on its Singapore-Newark flights from September 2019.

The Star Alliance member said it is committed to the cause and will manage any additional costs from these replacement products.

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