DHL Express hires 300 customs agents as it braces for Brexit

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Brussels : DHL Express has hired an extra 300 customs agents in order to minimise the impact of Brexit.

Speaking at the unveiling of its biennial Global Connectedness Index (GCI) report, John Pearson, Chief Executive, DHL Express said that the company had been hiring "50 customs agents a week" across Europe as it prepared for the UK to leave the European Union at the end of March.

The company said it had also secured the "necessary trucking permits" and "flying rights" in a package of measures designed to "minimise the impact of Brexit."

"But I don't think anyone knows what is going to happen with Brexit. We may be only six weeks away from one decision or if we take another of the [proposed] amendments, a year away, which would just be a delaying scenario.”

"We are stepping up quite quickly to manage any sort of environment, and customs is the main concern because we are in a position where the movement of goods by road or the movement of goods by air is in such a state that we will be able to continue to service the needs of our customers.”

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