CEVA Logistics launches new service in India

- A Monitor Report01 Jan, 2020 | 887 Views|-+
Mumbai : In a further expansion of its global healthcare capabilities, CEVA Logistics announced the launch in India of a specialist installation service for large-scale medical equipment using its own dedicated team of engineers and technicians.

CEVA's expert team will be responsible for unpacking, installing and setting up equipment such as MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) Scanners, Cath Labs, Digital Radiography machines and CT (Computerised Tomography) Scanners on behalf of a number of global manufacturers.

In order to enable the smoothest possible installation, the dedicated team of technicians and engineers are fully conversant with each piece of equipment and conduct site readiness surveys before unpacking and setting up the machinery at the designated location.

For instance, an MRI scanner comprises a total of 26 boxes weighing between 18-20 tonnes with a single magnet weighing eight tonnes.

Initially based in Mumbai, India, the team will work on installations there as well as in Pune, Nagpur, Ahmedabad and Belgaum, before being gradually expanded across CEVA Logistics' network.

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