SCL out to be largest fibre optic infrastructure operator

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Dhaka : Summit Communications Limited (SCL) is a leading infrastructure provider company having NTTN (Nationwide Telecommunication Transmission Network), Internet Gateway and ICX licenses.

SCL provides high capacity transmission services and internet bandwidth services, through its state-of-the-art fibre optic network using latest available technologies (DWDM, IPMPLS, Metro Ethernet etc.).

Sharmin Zaman, General Manager, Sales and Marketing, Summit Communications Ltd said that the company has made steady and consistent progress building the largest fibre optic network infrastructure in Bangladesh, with access to over 42,000 km of high quality fibre optic network reaching the remotest corners of the country by connecting all the 64 districts, 475 upazilas and more than 3,650 government offices.

SCL has connected almost 4500BTSs of MNOs and Wimax operators. The company has covered the most difficult terrains of the southern hill tracts districts and built fibre optic network. SCL envisions a 100 per cent nationwide coverage by 2019.

Sharmin Zaman said, SCL is serving 260G+ IP bandwidth throughout the country. SCL is one of the largest international Internet Gateway service providers in Bangladesh which is serving major telcos, ISPs, call centre all over the country.

SCL Gateway network is serving around 150 clients in more than 59 districts of the country.

By using our international networks, our clients have international IP coverage throughout North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

By building trust, offering world class IPLC services and keeping the promises, SCL is serving the enterprise market and already achieved a notable success by building satisfied customer base in a very short span of time.

World renowned companies like telco operators, banks, world renowned courier services, power plants, device manufacturer, RMG exporters are now connected through our ITC networks, she said.

Summit Communications' IPLC service is ideal for companies that require either dedicated bandwidth or greater data privacy, or both.

The service operates at the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model layer 2 and, as a result, it gives companies the ability to control their network routing and manage their own security, Sharmin Zaman, said.

With this state of the art technology and robust infrastructure, we dream to scale up the communication to a world class level so that each household gets the benefit of quality internet at their fingertips.

Sharmin Zaman has recently been honoured with "Bangladesh's Woman Leaders" award in "Bangladesh Women Leadership Awards 2018" presented by CMO Asia held on September 23.

The award recognises professionals who have excelled in leadership and "made a difference" to their organisations and industry.

"It's my immense pleasure, this year they have selected me as one of the Woman Leaders of Bangladesh to recognise my humble efforts. It's an honor for me to be able to represent Summit Communications Ltd in the grand event, being the largest fibre optic infrastructure operator in the telecom and ICT sector of our country.

"My heartfelt thanks and gratitude to the SCL Family for their relentless support throughout my journey. Thanks to 'CMO Asia' for this prestigious recognition," she said.

"I truly feel proud and inspired to be a part of the organization which is diligently working to build up our country's Telecom & ICT infrastructure and scaling up the communications to a global standard," Sharmin Zaman said.

-Farhana Naznin

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