Rejbeen Ahsan, General Manager says

Bproperty thrives to offer one-stop solution to real estate needs

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Dhaka : Bproperty is a one stop solution to every real estate need offering all sorts of services from providing property information to successfully handing over ownership to clients.

Rejbeen Ahsan, General Manager, Bproperty said this while talking to The Bangladesh Monitor at his office in the city recently.

The complete real estate marketplace commenced its operations in 2016. At the beginning, their first objective was to understand the real estate market of Bangladesh.

In Dhaka there are about 150 thousand buildings. And according to Bproperty's analysis, there is one vacancy in every 10-12 buildings for either rent or sale. "So we found out that there is huge potential and a large number of people are looking for property related services."

Later the operation team expanded its research into Sylhet and Chattogram in the same year with the same objective. They collect detail information of land size, content details, property photo, geocoordinate, number of units, contact details, vacancy, establishment date, developer and others.

Bproperty sell around 150 units per month at present. This includes secondary properties, developer properties, lands, commercial spaces and others.

The secondary market is on-demand in Dhaka. However, in Chattogram, clients are more interested in brand new properties, mentioned Ahsan.

Nonetheless, Bproperty came to the conclusion that clients' also need legal and financial support besides basic property related information. "End to end solution is what clients look for," Rejbeen claimed. This gave form to the Bproperty that exists today.

Bproperty currently has about 30 thousand listed properties in Dhaka, Chattogram, Sylhet, Narayanganj, Cumilla and Gazipur. However, at present, they are able to provide full on one-stop solutions in only Dhaka and Chattogram.

Furthermore, to handle the legal procedures for the clients, they have an in-house legal team as well.

The company also has financial partners including banks and other financial institutions. "Under agreement, if our clients approach those partners for financial support, they are to provide services in priority basis and sometimes in preferential rate," said Ahsan.

Also, their website is a very good source of information. Bproperty is trying their best to educate the market about the availability of such services with their website.

Bproperty has eight offices in Dhaka currently. And their expansion efforts are spreading all over the country gradually.

"There is a handful of builders who build small, comfortable and modern properties. However, they seem to have the most demand," said Ahsan. Hence, Bproperty is planning to start property development on their own either by this year or next.

Before that, by second quarter of this year, Bproperty plans to start property consultancy with developers to suggest them on how to cater to the growing demand.

They are already prepared to provide interior solutions. Bproperty will commence that segment of services by this year's first quarter. "We will first start with commercial and then we will move to residential."

The company is also going to start their first property management activities in the first quarter of this year in Dhaka and Chattogram consecutively. This includes security, cleaning, maintenance, rent collection and other facilities.

"Bproperty will take the responsibility of all sorts of services and facilities essential to run a property," concluded Ahsan.

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