Coca-Cola launches Jeera Masala flavoured 'RimZim'

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Dhaka : Coca-Cola in Bangladesh January 7 launched the all new Jeera flavoured beverage 'RimZim'.

Packed with traditional ingredients, combined with the effervescence of a classical sparkling drink, RimZim is Coca-Cola's entry into provi-ding consumers with home-made beverage formulations into packaged forms in Bangladesh.

The launch adds to the suite of beverage options that are currently available to The Coca-Cola Company's consumers in Bangladesh including Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Sprite, Fanta, Kinley Water, Kinley Soda, Coca-Cola Zero and Sprite Zero.

While RimZim is a great accompaniment to the traditional Bangladeshi spicy food, the beverage can also be consumed whenever one would just like a hit of refreshment, or when one simply craves a taste of home.

Present at the launching event were Shadab Khan, Managing Director, Coca-Cola Bangladesh Ltd. and Mustafizur Rahman, National Cricketer and Brand Ambassador, Coca-Cola Bangladesh Ltd. along with the other high officials from Coca-Cola Bangladesh.

Speaking at the launch of the product which took place at the Bangladesh Film Development Corporation (BFDC) in the city, Shadab Khan, Managing Director, Coca-Cola Bangla-desh Limited said "As the consumer choices are constantly evolving, it is important for us to add new offerings to our portfolio as we nurture the existing brands."

"With this launch, we hope to bring to the Bangladeshi consumer a perfect match to complement the traditional festive Bangali spicy food of this country and provide them with a taste of home even while away from home."

"We are excited about the new launch and we look forward to providing more choices to consumers as we go forward," he added.

PET bottle 250 ml RimZim is first being rolled out in key towns of Bangladesh at a price of Tk 20 and will soon be available all over the country.

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