Sweetsin for tummy pleasure

Farhana Naznin 01 Mar, 2018 | 826 Views | - +
Dhaka: Now-a-days people prefer to spend time at work rather than in preparing food. Thus a deluge of restaurants are now in the city but all cannot maintain the quality.

The Sweetsin Coffees is exceptional here, as it's a good place to serve your purpose. Don't get worried with the name 'Swee-tsin'-it's not a place to do any crime unless you are on strict diet.

The restaurant also is not just about a cup of coffee. Instead you get all kind of foods and specially mouthwatering dessert items, you need for your tummy's pleasure. And it comes with reasonable price, that too in a cozy environment.

They were initially in a small place in Lalmatia, but due to popularity for their mouthwatering dishes, both savoury and sweet, they opened their brand new outlet on the 8th floor of Navana GH Heights, Shatmasjid Road, Dhanmondi to offer delicious foods with an eye-catching view.

The advantage of this area is that, it is filled with many universities, schools and colleges and the students need such place to hang out, where the food is available at reasonable price. Sweetsin ensures that they can afford the food with whatever their pocket money is.

Sweetsin has extended their old menu with several tummy pleasing new items, in line with the demand of the customers. Among the savoury ones, they have added perfectly cooked top-notch steaks: Sirloin (Tk 970) and T-Bone (Tk1285). You can have it medium or well-done, your choice. Their Teriyaki Chicken and BBQ Chicken (half Tk 395/ quarter Tk 595) with fried rice and sautéed vegetables are superb as well.

Now, for their 'Sweetsins', they have three kinds of dough: classic, red velvet and brownie. With these, they make their signature mind-blowing waffles. Among them: Nutella Chocolate Chips (half Tk 165/ full Tk 270), Red Velvet (half Tk 215/ full Tk 340), Brownie with Nutella Choco Chip (half Tk 195/ full Tk 305), Tiramisu (half Tk 190/full Tk 340) and Berry Cream Cheese (half Tk 180/ full Tk 295) are popular.

It doesn't end there. Their chillers and warmers are hugely popular too. And why wouldn't they be? Excellent warmers such as Hot Chocolate with Marshmallow (Tk 260), Cappuccino (Tk 180), Caramel Cappuccino (Tk 240), Tiramisu Cappuccino (Tk 260), Cafe Latte (Tk 190) and Toffee Nut/ Hazel Nut/ Caramel/ Irish Latte (Tk 235) serve the purpose amazingly.

Same goes for the refreshing chillers: Flavoured Lemonade (Strawberry/ Peach/ Pomegranate/ Green Apple/ Kiwi/ Blueberry/ Lychee) for Tk 210, Frozen Latte (Hazelnut/ Toffee Nut/ Irish/ Butter Scotch/ Blueberry/ Chocolate/ Caramel/ Strawberry/ Blueberry/ Irish/ Cookie and Cream) for Tk 297, Frozen Cream (Tk 285), the flavour for which can be chosen from the similar options of Frozen Latte.

The new outlet has an accommodation capacity for 50 people. There are three sections: one with colourful chairs, one with comfy sofas and the other one is the smoking zone which is 'open for all sins', they say.

The decor is simply captivating. The combination of colours - red, yellow, green, white and brown is matched beautifully with wooden structures. On the other hand, the floor of the smoking zone is filled with white pebbles, making the entire place perfect for enjoying their delicious meals with utmost comfort and a magnificent view from the 8th floor.

Not to miss, the pillar with photos showcasing the amazing journey this restaurant has had from the very beginning.

Nonetheless, The Sweetsin Coffees still have the previous signature dishes they were known for such as the burgers. They also have delicious platters that are sure to satisfy large groups or families.

They have another arrangement with playing elements like - chess, ludo, monopoly with which the customers would have a perfect hangout. They have bookshelf for the customer to spend time with books and food in cool and refreshing mood.

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