Iftar at Golden Tulip

- A Monitor Report 16 May, 2018 | 249 Views | - +
Golden Tulip_ The Grandmark Dhaka, is hosting an event throughout the month of Ramadan featuring dishes from the fasting cultures across the world called 'Flavours of Streets'. Located at the heart of the city, Dhaka : Golden Tulip, the hotel has brought flavours from the streets of countries around the globe to alleviate some of the hardships of fasting. Golden Dine is featuring an exclusive menu filled with specialty dishes for Iftar, dinner and Suhoor (Seheri). They are serving a delightful array of dishes such as Hummus, Babaganoush, Moutabel, Lamb Ouzi, Knafeh from the Middle East; Mutton Handi, Mutton Peshawari from Pakistan; Nargisi Kabab, Hydrabadi Mutton Biryani, Keema Kaleji Paw Bhaji, Dahi Vada from India and so on.

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