Iftar fiesta at Khazana

- A Monitor Report 16 May, 2018 | 252 Views | - +
Dhaka : In holy month of Ramadan, Khazana is showcasing Dawat-e-Hyderabadi. Hyderabadi cuisine starts with Haleem, which is a stew composed of meat, lentils and pounded wheat made into a thick paste. Original Hyderabadi Haleem, an Arabic dish and was introduced to the Hyderabad State by the Chaush people during the rule of the Nizams.

Guests will enjoy the world famous Hyderbadi Haleem and all the awesome Hyderabadi delicacies from our Charminar Food Stalls, a perfect place to start with best Kebabs of Hyderabad like Pather-ka-Ghosht and delicious Parathas. Along with this there will be live roll counters, chat counters, and all time favourite Khazana ke Jelebi.

Hyderabadi cuisine chef presents a range of signature dishes echoing the rich history of Hyderabadi cuisine that evolved in the kitchens of the Nizams. Blending age old spices that characterize Hyderabadi cuisine, the festival will showcase a wide spread of expertise.

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