Authentic Chinese dumplings delight at KFD

- Farhana Naznin 01 Jul, 2018 | 1865 Views | - +
Dhaka : Have you ever thought of enjoying delicious varieties of dumplings - specially the Chinese momo?

For food lovers, it's another tasty treat which is set to make a mark in the country's food arena.

Diners can get actual momo flavour at KFD- Kungfu Dumplings which is a Chinese fast food restaurant chain, focusing only on genuine Chinese food.

Chinese food have had a great demand in Bangladesh and the dumplings have joined the growing list of late.

Dumpling, also called Jiao zi or Shui jiao in Chinese, is a kind of traditional Chinese food, which was originated from northern China nearly 2,000 years ago.

A legend goes that dumplings were first invented in the era of the Three Kingdoms, around 225 AD.

It's a new and one of a kind Chinese fast food restaurant in Banani with a tummy pleasing menu of Chinese special tea, juice, a variety of dumplings and soup. The restaurant decor is also pleasant, with dumplings' historical pictures hanging on the wall.

Due to its shape, similar to the golden ingot and the delicate taste, traditionally the dumpling was regarded as the most delicious food. For common people it could only can be afforded during some very special occasions, such the Spring festival, the biggest celebration in Chinese culture.

Today, dumpling has become one of the most competitive fast-food in Chinese market, attracting more and more urban young people, due to its healthy, tasty and hygiene features.

You can taste different kinds of dumplings, specially beef onion, chicken leg meat mushroom, mutton courgette, fish vegetable, fried dumplings, kungfu chicken, kungfu chow mien, rice bowl, cold dish like-- Hami melon juice and others Chinese drinks at KFD.

It is a China-Bangladesh partnership restaurant. Four partners are Chinese while one is Bangladeshi-Taufiq Rahman, who is the Managing Director of the restaurant and also the chief executive of Journey Plus.

"I have been working in the tourism sector for a long time and for my professional purposes I came across delegates from many countries. I have had a good friendship with guests from China and other countries."

"One of my Chinese friends gave me the proposal to start a restaurant in Bangladesh, where they want to focus on dumplings. Then we started working on it and launched it in the month of Ramadan this year," Taufiq Rahman said.

"What we observed that in our country, the young generation is very much interested in tasting renowned traditional food from across the world."

"So, this is the place where you can get Chinese real traditional dumplings. That is why KFD start their journey at Banani because of the value of the place, since many renowned universities and corporate offices are located here," he informed.

"Price range of our food items is very reasonable. If students show their student ID, they can claim more on offer. Price range starts from BDT 40 to BDT 300, plus VAT and service charge," he added.

The launching of the restaurant coincideed with the World Cup football and therefore, they set up a big screen in the restaurant to attract people coming here.

"Watch FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 live on our big screen here at KFD, while enjoying the genuine taste from China," Rahman said.

"Our restaurant is running in full swing now. We are happy that we can observe the satisfaction in the customers' face, every day."

In a bid to give the people authentic Chinese taste, the restaurant authority appointed a chef from China. And the KFD-Kungfu dumplings are freshly handmade, which is another reason that someone should visit the place.

Here you get a fantastic ambiance with extremely reasonable price. A total of 67 seats are set up here which means you can also arrange simple get together here, if you would like to.

The Chinese-based fast food restaurant's opening time is at 11 am and closing time is 11pm. At the moment, they have just only one outlet, but they have plans to open two more outlets - in Dhanmondi and Uttara.

So why miss out on all the deliciousness? Join the Kungfu-mania as soon as possible, and treat yourself with genuine Chinese taste!

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