Unforgettable culinary experience in Uttara

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Dhaka : Amidst the busy city life, lies a place in Uttara, north of capital Dhaka where you stop to relax for a moment and have a full-fledged ex-perience of food, art and literature. As remarkable as it sounds, even the name of this place - 'Wind Blows' reminds you that every once in a while you should pause for a moment. Or else, life will slip right by you. Even though it is technically a restaurant, yet it is no less than an art.

The owner, Liton Kar and his partner Shushama Sarker are well-known figures in our media. Their artistry has surpassed the screens and stepped into the real world. Wind Blows, their latest project, is a work of art. It should tick all the boxes for being an installation art with which the audience can interact with. Food, wall art, wall-paint-typography, literature, book, decor, service, ambience - everything is just a part of a much bigger thing - an immersive journey that will take you to such areas inside your mind that you barely get in touch with now-a-days.

Well, as it is a masterpiece of a restaurant, it is very difficult to explain in words, just like any other art. Still, right after taking the stairs and entering the restaurant, you will see the perfect place to take a break and enjoy some quality time with yourself or family or friends. At first, you will be mesmerised by the decor and environment.

Also, it encourages you to get your mind off the urban restless life and dive into nature for a change, to enjoy the little things in life and remember the humane tales we all have to say. There are bells that make beautiful sounds as 'wind blows'. There is a separate smoking zone where one side is open to feel the breeze of air or the splash of rain to hand yourself over to nature.

Now coming to the eatery aspect, mouth-watering food and top-notch service are integral parts of this breathtaking experience. The wideranging menu is sure to please any type of craving. There are appetizers, soups, salads, burgers, sandwiches, pastas, sea food, steaks, pizzas, espresso coffee blends, chilled coffee, iced flavoured lattes, chocoholics, shakers, frost teas, limeys, mocktails, juices, hot teas, smoothies and what not. Several dishes from all of these categories have garnered great response from the 'guests'. They have set menus as well which have items like BBQ Grilled Chicken, Chicken Peri Peri, Chicken Teriyaki etc. It stays open till 1 or 2 pm, catering to the needs of night crawlers too. It is located at : House# 26, Road# 18, Sector# 03, Uttara.

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