Momo Inn Managing Director TM Ali Haider says

Hospitality sector development should focus more on services

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Bogura : Momo Inn, a newly built international hospitality property in the North Bengal, is located at Nawdapara, only 15 minutes from the centre of Bogura and five minutes from Mahasthangarh, the ancient capital of Pundra Bordhoman.

The hotel offers 151 luxuriously appointed rooms and suites, as well as an exclusive Club with special benefits.

TM Ali Haider, Managing Director, Momo Inn informed said this while talking to The Bangladesh Monitor.

Ali Haider said, "Whether you are seeking for rest and relaxation or sports and recreation, Momo Inn, has the facilities and services to ensure your total satisfaction. Relax and rejuvenate in the tranquil waters of the swimming pool or take a fresh breath surrounded by the spectacular natural beauty."

Momo Inn started its official journey on December 24, 2017. We are doing good, but being an investor, I am hopeful that hospitality business of the country will continuously improve in the upcoming future.

He said, the hotel is adding lots of recreation facilities for the smooth stay of the guests and to increase the local tourism for uplifting the local economic condition.

At this moment, usually it takes five hours to reach Bogura. With "SASEC Road Link Project II: Elenga-Hatikamrul-Rangpur Highway Four-Lane Up-gradation Project" completed, people will be able to enjoy their journey from Dhaka to Bogura within three hours.

Ali Haider said, "We would like to express our gratitude to our Hon'ble Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, for giving a green signal to this massive road expansion programme."

Visitors are interested in different types of food, when it comes to a matter of dining. They can take an inspiring culinary journey of Asia, Europe, India and South America with the dishes, served at the hotel.

Speaking about staff training, Ali Haider said, Momo Inn is the first-five star hotel in the northern part of country. We are very much conscious regarding staff management and training.

He said, from the beginning we have brought together the best management team from different chain and star hotels from Bangladesh and abroad. We are always eager to create opportunity for freshers to make them skilled.

Ali Haider said, larger hotel chains have HRD resources including in-house and on-the-job training, whereas local brand like us are very much conscious about to fulfill the demand of hospitality industry in Bangladesh by developing our management and staff skills.

He said, I think still we have lot to improve for a better future. At present scenario, we are trying to give our utmost to fulfill the demand of the industry under present conditions.

Bogurar Doi

Speaking of the popular sweetmeats of Bogura, the Momo Inn Managing Director said, Bogurar Doi is one of the most famous yogurt in Bangladesh. It's a delicious dairy product, made from cows' milk. Yogurt is produced and sold all over the country, but yogurt from Bogura is the best in quality and taste.

He said, five types of yogurt are available in Bogura: Sweet Yogurt, White Yogurt, Sour Yogurt, Yogurt of Ghole and Shahi Yogurt.

Yogurt of Bogura is supplied and sold every day to the sweet shops in different parts of the country.

Tourists coming to Bogura can avail our the Heritage Tour. The hotel will help take them to visit four impressive archaeological sites in Bangladesh - Kantajew Temple, Tajhat Palace, Somapura Mahavihara and Mahasthangarh.

They will be able to discover some of the hidden gems of the country which are located at very remote places, and that will take them back to the time starting from the colonial period up to several centuries before Christ, to know about the ancient civilisations and heritage of the country.

For tourism in North Bengal, we need better connectivity to increase the movement of tourists, such as, we need airport and improved train communication to Bogura as early as possible to redefine the industry. For increasing the number of tourists, I am very much interested in inbound tour promotion.

The Momo Inn Managing Director said, the hospitality and tourism industry of our country has enormous potential due to an increased standard of living, developing infrastructures and better facilities available in our country.

An MBA (Major in Human Resource Mangement), Ali Haider has submitted a dissertation on "Privatisation in Bangladesh: Issues and Options" to London College of Advanced Studies, London from where he did his BBA. Besides Momo Inn, he is the Managing Director of six other companies, all in Bogura.

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