Seafood haven SALTZ reopens

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Seafood has carved a niche for itself in the global scenario for ages. This is mainly due to the variety in taste, texture and, of course, modes of preparations. Bangladesh, specially the capital is no exception. There are only a very few restaurants in Dhaka which can claim to be real favourites to seafood lovers, among them SALTZ definitely tops the list.

Ever since SALTZ made its debut almost two decades back, it has gradually moved to the top of the favourites list because of their authentic seafood cuisine and very elegant décor.

SALTZ - Fine Seafood - that's how the menu starts. It is indeed that and much more! The menu is a sumptuous spread of more than two dozen dishes, ranging from soups, salads, sizzlers to desserts and drinks.

In the soup segment, one can choose from chowder, consomme, bisques or any other regular soup. Any of these choices can be coupled with appetisers like Seafood/Shrimp Cocktail, Canapés Galore, Saltz Smokes Salad (and a few more salad dishes) and, of course, Calamaries and Crabs.

There are sizzlers too with prawn, duck, or beef as the main ingredient.

Catch-of-the-Day is a whole fish dish done with Bassor Mackerel or Pomfret or Red Snapper, which can be panfried, poached / steamed, grilled or deep fried - as per the guests choice.

SALTZ Grills is served with only imported meat items. SALTZ Sensations include mainly lobsters - done in different ways. Local fresh water catch like Pangas or Tilapia is also in the menu.

Apart from these, the menu boasts of a rich array of imported seafood dishes, which includes Salmon, Squid, Dory, Tuna and Sole. For the veg-lovers, SALTZ offers a choice of stir fried or sautéed vegetables, and also a coconut sauce curry. The kids can choose from their own segment in the menu, which has their all-time favourites like french fries, batter fried shrimps and fish burger.

Steamed Rice, Dill Rice, Pasta with Garlic/Tomato Sauce, Onion Rings, Baked Potato and Sour Cream, and, of course, Garlic Bread - these are a few of the accompaniments for any of the main dishes.

SALTZ Mocktails are must haves with a meal here. Strawberry, Blueberry, Kiwi, Banana, Pineapple - the mocktails can be chosen from any of the flavours to make the meal more complete. Choice of canned beverages and fresh fruit juices are also there and so is a variety of tea and coffee.

Local tradition says our meals are not fully done minus a dessert. So true! Thus SALTZ has an array of some of the most popular ones in town, namely Mudd Pie, Apple Pie, Cheesecake Flan and Fudge Brownie - coupled with regular ice-cream and fresh fruits platter.

SALTZ, stepped in the local gourmet scene way back in the year 2000. They dared to venture into the local food scenario which was only meat based in those days. Dine-out in those days was either Chinese or Kebabs. Nobody could even think that seafood can be an option in terms of a restaurant meal. So SALTZ came in as a breather in the real sense! The food and décor was utterly refreshing! Thus they went on going up in the popularity chart and continue to do so until now.

SALTZ opened at its new location at Road 99, House 23A, Gulshan 2 on March 9, 2020 - they are still the same, if not more!

A murmuring fountain at the entrance, skirted with bunches of green adds a lot serenity to the place. The décor is as soothing, with a blend of beige and green and blue, with fish-themed wood carvings adorning the interior. In this new location, like the previous ones, there are balcony seatings - the addition being the roof top dining. This gives a wonderful view of the surrounding neighbourhood. With all their outdoor and indoor seatings, SALTZ can accommodate around 140 guests. They also have provision for outdoor catering and take aways too.

SALTZ is celebrating their 20th Anniversary this year by offering a 20 per cent discount until May 2020. It remains open from 11:30 am to 10:30 pm.

As the menu states - SALTZ basks in pride on the freshness of its products, each prepared with choice of seafood, fresh vegetables and accompanying ingredients.

SALTZ, is definitely the place for an array of most delicious seafoods, served amidst a stylish décor by a bunch of warm welcoming and efficient hands - and a must-go place for the food connoisseurs both the locals and visitors!

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