Head of Retail, YELLOW Hadi SA Chowdhury says on Eid fashion

We'll emphasise on colourful collection, for comfort cotton is our priority

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Dhaka : YELLOW usually follows a particular theme for a season. For this Eid, YELLOW is focusing on shiny, metallic, golden afsan print along with 3D, hand, pearl embellishments and mesh fabric for women.

For men's check patterns on shirts along with traditional routes, playful touch to the humble shirt, tiny illustrations, blending classic vintage themes with a soft casual handle.

Hadi SA Chowdhury, Head of Retail, YELLOW said while talking to The Bangladesh Monitor about the designs for Eid-ul-Azha.

Hadi said, YELLOW's new collection will have variations in sleeve, pattern, taste of tradition, layer, fabric contraction etc. We've already introduced print on viscose fabric and the famous brand is also working on different styles which will decorate different garment accessories.

As to why people would buy YELLOW products, Head of Retail said, basically when we design any seasonal collection we always do consider about the weather and the mood.

As it is the Festival collection so we will emphasise on colourful collection and for comfort cotton is our priority.

On a query about which type of products generated interest amongst the people most, Hadi said, ethnic collection always plays the vital role for any occasion. However, the western is also the other part we emphasising on. And in terms of feedback that's incredible.

Young customers

The designs are normally aimed at younger, fashion-aware customers who closely follow Asian and international fashion trends.

Asked about competition from other clothing brands, Hadi said, the business model that we have introduced in 2004, has now become so popular that it formed a very important industry.

Competition drives brands to exceed their current performances. We do not like to dwell on such comparisons as the industry standard has not developed properly yet, he said.

YELLOW has 19 upscale outlets worldwide. When it comes to design a store as we always think about giving the customers an international retail experience in terms of trend to follow, fabric selection, ambiance, service and after-sales service.

Most innovative

Hadi said YELLOW is the most innovative clothing brand in Bangladesh … not only we call that, we also believe that.

For instance, in the coming Eid we will make some variations in pattern, inside detailing etc. We always focus on new technology like laser print, cool dye on all over print and also on jacquard fabric etc.

At YELLOW, we always look for innovative ideas. We have introduced e-commerce, loyalty programmes, Personal Shopping Corner expansions in Bangladesh's fashion industry.

Shop on the Move

Lately, we worked on an interesting project, Yellow's Shop on the Move which is first Pop-Up Retail Store in South Asia. We want to keep continue our innovation in introducing new technology, updated trend and customer centricity

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