Margin: Anjan's trendy western collection

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Dhaka : Two decades since its inception, Anjan's, one of the leading clothing brands of the country, has focused to take a shot at western clothes with the new co-line Margin in a bid to expand its horizon abroad.

Anjan's earlier focus was on sarees, panjabis, kameez etc but today's youth seem to prefer western clothes more. So, they decided to create a new line for western attires as Anjan's already has a certain signature style.

Margin offers topnotch western clothes - denim, shirts, tops and many other western outfits that youths love.

Shaheen Ahmed, CEO, Anjan's said, "The traditional clothes that Anjan's make, are meant for the local market. These don't have much demand in foreign markets. However, if we can make Margin as much successful as Anjan's, we can take it to foreign markets."

In the men's collection, Margin offers trousers of denim, cotton and other fabrics. There are shirts of regular prints, casual shirts and formal shirts. Moreover, T-shirts are also available of course.

On the other hand, in the women's collection, there are various kinds of tops - long, semi-long and short. In case of women's attires, patterns are mainly prioritised. Even the fabrics are mostly linen, georgette and other trendy ones. Let's not forget the trousers Margin has to offer for girls - denim, pajama, palazzo etc. There are many variations.

In terms of the price, Margin has more affordable price tags than other brands. Men's trousers are from Tk 1,400 to Tk 1,800. Shirts cost Tk 1,000 to Tk 2,000. Women's tops are Tk 1,200 to Tk 2,500. The prices are affordable along with the design and fabric for youths.

"Furthermore, the most important aspect of designing is colour. Then comes pattern. These two are very important," said Shaheen.

For Margin, rather than the main colours, our designers have worked more with the shades of those. For instance, in case of green, they have worked with different shades of green such as olive green, sea green etc.

On the other hand, in case of red, similarly they have used different tones of red. Also, they have focused on both light and deep colours.

In most cases, they have made combinations of these two kinds of colours. Because it is not like young generation now only prefers light colours. They seem to love deep colours as well.

Value addition such as embroidery or print adds a new dimension to the colour and clothes, making those more attractive. In terms of jeans, as there are not many colours to choose from - they focused on denim's wash and stitch. Altogether, there are variations in colour and pattern.

Shaheen Ahmed said, "We just started. We still have a long way to go. But, within a very short time, we received great appreciation from customers for our designs, price and quality. Thus, we are most likely reach the heights with Margin which we have reached with Anjan's."

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