Love is in the air

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London : One in every 50 travellers has met the love of their life on a plane, according to a new survey says sparks are flying on planes more often than you might think - and we're not talking about cell phones catching fire.

According to the HSBC survey, which asked more than 5,000 travellers across the globe about their flight experiences and the onboard connections they've made, one in every 50 travellers has met the love of their life on a plane.

The survey was conducted in July 2018 and includes responses from travellers across 141 different countries. It also found that 16 per cent of travellers had formed a business connection on a flight, while 14 per cent made long-lasting friendships with folks they met while flying. This may be slightly less surprising when you consider that 51 per cent of respondents said they have had a conversation with a stranger during a flight.

But what will get you is the study's statistics concerning American travellers: Apparently, two US couples meet on the average flight.

If you're hoping to meet that special someone on your next flight, there are several apps that can help you connect with fellow fliers.

For example, btrfly apps connects you with travellers across 380 airports around the world when you input your flight information or airport, while web-based apps Planely works like a social network for the skies, letting you connect with fellow travellers who have mutual interests so you can meet up in-flight or on the ground.

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