Cube Holdings changing way real estate firms do business

CHL Managing Director Sujan Sharma says
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Dhaka : Cube Holdings Limited (CHL). Not many people are still aware of the company which is changing the way the real estate firms construct apartment or do business.

Cube's first project "Drizzle" has been handed over to the owners. It features 2043 sft each apartment. Each of the floors is of one unit. As you step out of the lift - it becomes your floor, your home. You do not have to share it with anyone. It fits well with the company slogan "A way of comfortable living."

Sujan Sharma, Managing Director, Cube Holdings Limited, said this while talking about his company.

He said, seven other Cube projects - Inventure, Vacation House, Bonokuntola, Suprovat, Ekantika, Chandrali, Prohor - are at various stages of development, with many more planned at different places of the city.

All the apartment projects are aesthetically designed. "Inventure" at Banani, "Suprovat" at Uttara will be full concrete building.

An MSc from Dhaka University, Sujan Sharma started the company on his own in 2012, after gathering some 14 years of experience with various companies in the sector. I am answerable to myself, he said, speaking of his dislike for "partnership business". I work hard like any of my staff members.

Quoting from Dr Philip Kotler, the famous US authority on Marketing, who said if you want to launch a company, he said he launched Cube holdings Limited at 38.

Sujan Sharma said he entered the real estate business when everybody else was concerned about it.

I found light in the darkness. I asked myself whether I should take the risk. I took the leap, and here I am.

The Cube Managing Director is very selective- his target is upper, upper middle and middle income group.

Sujan Sharma said, my core strength is confidence - confidence of the prospective clients and the landowners in me and my company.

He said he takes regular feedbacks from his clients and landowners, addressing every worry of theirs, so that they will not have to agonise about the decision - giving me their land and money to construct the apartments.

I always put emphasis on quality, down to the electrical fittings, and handing over the property on time, he said.

Unless you provide quality and keep your commitment, it's hard to sustain in this market, he added.

Floor Plan design is strength of mine. I do not rely on a particular architect. I keep changing them. I select them to suite the demands of a particular location.

Each of the Cube's properties is different - neither too big nor too small. He goes for prime locations in the city and for maximum utilisation of space - whether the architects are utilising the maximum space - while designing an apartment complex. I see to it myself that they do not misuse space - every inch is valuable.

He conceded that it was getting hard with every passing day to find land for projects.

Domiciles are cubic, as to why he named his company Cube, Sujan Sharma said, adding all domiciles have a certain form, that's certainly cubic and that's the core form of it. It has three dimensions like Height, Width and Depth. These three dimensions confirm the form of a Cube. This is the core theme of naming our company- Cube Holdings Limited (CHL).

CHL is adding some aesthetic values on it as per clients' taste and demands. To create a domicile, CHL prefers to consider clients' comfort of living and that's the way we are adding the aesthetical values and that's the top argument of our branding, he said.

Sujan Sharma said, distinctive architecture, quality conservation, robust construction, natural balance, rich location etc. comfort is our prime concern and that is the reason of our outstanding brand values. Our clients speak for us, he said.

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