Prof. Dr. M. A. Rashid, CEO, ICHRI says

Ibrahim Cardiac giving world class cardiovascular treatment to people

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Dhaka : Nestled between two BIRDEM facilities, Ibrahim Cardiac Hospital and Research Institute (ICHRI) is giving world class cardiovascular treatment to people including the poor, healing the latter by providing 30 per cent subsidy.

Ibrahim Cardiac, which bears the name of the visionary physician Dr Mohammad Ibrahim, is being run with government support, donations of benevolent institutions, persons and own cross financing.

"We do not compromise on quality. We have added most modern equipment at ICHRI. Our treatment of adults or children can be compared with any country in the world”, said Prof. Dr. M. A. Rashid, CEO, ICHRI, who himself is a WHO (World Health Organisation) Fellow in Cardiology.

Investigations can be done here within an average time of 22 minutes. Nearly 200 complex transplants including two liver transplants have been done at ICHRI.

The organisation signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with a top-rated Indian organisation for technology transfer to take the services of the leading provider of cardiovascular care in Asia Pacific region further ahead.

Run as an enterprise of Diabetic Association of Bangladesh (BADAS), the system of this ISO 9001:2008 QMS certified hospital is such that 90 per cent of the patients can come, get tests (investigations) done, take the reports, show those to the doctors and go back home the same day with prescriptions.

Besides EPCC (a non-invasive procedure for improving heart pumping action of senior citizens) and tilt table (for vertigo diagnosis and treatment); the hospital boasts the only 128-slice multi-detector CT (MDCT) scan equipment in the country offering nearly 30 types of radiology and imaging services.

The high-end machine can detect heart blockages easily. World class reporting templates are used and the CDs of the investigations are supplied to the patients, which they can show to doctors in any medically advanced country across the world.

Though Ibrahim Cardiac has only 150 beds, the hospital has been able to give cardiac and related medical treatment - which Dr Rashid, also Professor of Cardiology & Senior Consultant, ICHRI termed total care - to a large number of patients. This is possible because of the efficiently-run hospital's quick patient turnover - the average stay of admitted patients is one and a half days.

He said none of the ICHRI doctors offer services outside. All consultations with patients are done inside the hospital. The renowned physicians can also avail the services of the specialists in its sister organisations, whenever needed.

The hospital's specialised ambulances - CCUs on wheels - help its service to be extended countrywide. The CCU ambulances can bring patients - accompanied by doctors and paramedics - from Teknaf or Tentulia, i.e, from any corner of the country to the capital city to be treated at Ibrahim Cardiac.

He said, mortality rate is two per cent and ICHRI was trying to bring it down further.

Dr Rashid, who gave up government service to lead the non-profit institution as its CEO on April 3, 2007, said continuous special training is provided to the physicians, surgeons, nurses and all other staff.

ICHRI is also conducting courses for doctors and nurses which are recognised by relevant government bodies.

He said, even drivers or other staff members are trained so that they can take immediate steps to save patients' lives.

To make the general populace aware of cardiovascular diseases, ICHRI regularly holds "Kemon Achen?" programme with former patients. This follow-up event is widely attended with Dr Rashid and other physicians taking questions and suggestions from them.

The hospital's Continuous Maintenance Programme helps the hospital not only fix any faulty equipment within 24 hours but also install new equipment - so that those are always state-of-the-art.

The hospital provides equal opportunities for personal growth to physicians, surgeons, nurses and other staff. By doing so we have managed to retain most of our staff - once a person joins ICHRI, s/he never thinks of leaving it, Dr Rashid said.

Ibrahim Cardiac publishes Annual Performance Report every year through holding an event where the opinions of the doctors, nurses and other staff members are sought for the continuous improvement of the hospital.

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