Anjan's Boishakh collection promises to make life vibrant

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Dhaka : Acclaimed fashion house of the country Anjan's has earned the trust of the people over the years, showing the dedication and creativeness in designing their dresses. That's the reason, they have become the 'go-to fashion house' when any festival knocks at the door.

Since a prime occasion like Pohela Baishakh has arrived, Anjan's has geared up to unleash their unique Boishakh collection as always.

As customers' expectations are sky high for Anjan's, the fashion house leaves no stone unturned to fulfill the craving of their valued customers.

Shahin Ahmed, CEO and Chief Designer, Anjan's mentioned that they have come up with a vast collection to give the people an opportunity to celebrate the festival with utmost passion just like other years.

And the dresses of the Pohela Boishakh collection are colourful to make the lives of people vibrant.

"Prioritising colours like red and white, Anjan's brings its Boishakh collection this year. But it is not that we have limited ourselves to these two colours only," said Shaheen.

Their usual collection involves lots of ethnic designs true to our heritage and customers always find all the new stuff available in every outlet of the brand.

"We always work with common motifs like jamdani, nakhi klatha, floral, geometric etc. This year, we have added Asian floral motif. Besides the usual, the new collection features block print, screen print and embroidery," he added.

This year, Anjan's brings dresses for mothers and daughters as well as fathers and sons, which is unique in its own way, Shahin revealed.

"We have items for all ages' of customers in the family collection. This year, we have worked on dresses for mothers and daughters, fathers and sons making up for an entire family and friends collection," he stated.

"The focus in most clothes are mainly on the fabrics, which give the dresses a nice sheen and structure, for a minimalist yet elegant look. We have used cotton and voile fabrics mostly," he concluded.

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