Tanti Bazzar - for gold ornaments at competitive prices

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Dhaka: Want to purchase gold at a more competitive price than the designer outlets of posh malls? Then head for Tanti Bazzar in old part of the city.

Though grocery, stationery, pharmacy shops are there, the area is mainly known for crafting gold ornaments.

From this market people can buy gold at least Tk 2000 less than what they get at their local jewellery shops. This market starts everyday at 9:00 am and closes at 7:00 pm. Friday is the weekly holiday of Tanti Bazzar.

One of the biggest gold "markets" in the country, Tanti Bazzar is said to have started in the British period.

There are 1200 jewellers and 3,000 ornament making set-ups here, turning it to be the biggest gold and silver market.

Beside design and sale of gold and silver ornaments, - ornament mortgage, remaking can also be done here.

The whole area is secure as close circuit (CC) cameras have been set up by Dhaka Goldsmiths Association.

Md Abul Kalam Azad, a "pure gold" business man, said, "To complete the whole jewellry process, the area has wholesale changer, goldsmith, money lender, stone seller and "pure gold" sellers."

"Nowa-days we use some modern small machines and gold measurement machine is called "Hall Mark". So people can get good quality gold ornaments and there is no room for cheating customers," he added.

Manik Das, Secretary, Dhaka Goldsmith Association, said, "We are able to complete total jewellery in five to six steps. In keeping with the modern era, we have modernised our designs."

"Our goldsmiths are experts in designing the jewellery," he added.

"But it's not a good sector to do business now as people are now interested in ordinary jewellery. So the flow of our orders is slow. Now one bhori gold costs 46 thousand taka."

"We are unable to import gold. That is why we need proper policy with which can make our business smooth and keep it in the right way," Das said.

The government has declared Tanti Bazzar as a heritage zone including Kotwali Road, Jhulonbari, Panitola, Kumartuli, Islampur, Radhika Mohon Boshak Lane.

Historically rich, these areas struggle with traffic congestion as the roads are horribly narrow. They should be reconstructed, according to the locals staying here.

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