Beautiv, one-stop place for beauty care products

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Dhaka : Beautiv is a popular online retail cosmetics company in Bangladesh focusing solely on high-end and luxury beauty-care products. The company was established two years ago and since then has achieved the label of being the one-stop shopping place for high-end makeup, skincare and hair care products from 150+ top international brands.

Faysal Islam is the Founder of the company. The idea of opening a cosmetics brand focusing exclusively on high-end cosmetics was something new and exciting for him. He saw that the market is filled with fake and low grade products which were harmful for the skin. Due to these cheap products, people were becoming unaware of the good quality products and their differences.

Thus, Faysal shared the idea with his friend Faisal Bin Maleque. Maleque realised the potential of the venture and joined as the Partner.

Today, Beautiv is growing at a rapid pace and they are introducing a lot of products from the top brands of the world every month to the Bangladeshi customers.

Both friends hope to see the brand take its rightful prominent place in the beauty industry in a few years making everyone understand the importance of investing in good quality products for their own benefit.

Through Beautiv, they want to educate everyone about the worldwide beauty industry and its trends by creating a platform for promoting insights about beauty and skincare.

Customers can find all their cosmetics collection on their website http://www.beautiv. online.