Gulshan Chaka, new A/C bus service ends Dhaka Chaka's monopoly

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Dhaka : To the delight of the people living or working in Banani-Gulshan area, Himachal Express has brought a new mass transit A/C bus service named Gulshan Chaka. It started operations from late July and has garnered much popularity among passengers for providing comfortable service.

Earlier another public transport service named 'Dhaka Chaka' commenced operations in Gulshan, Baridhara and Banani area launched by the Nitol Niloy group under the initiative of the late Mayor Anisul Haque.

During peak hours, Dhaka Chaka started finding it difficult to handle the overflow of the passengers. However, since a new player, Gulshan Chaka, is in the market now, this problem has been solved to a great extent.

Hence, the passengers are glad because now they have two bus services instead of one. This was much needed to meet the increasing demand of the market.

Nonetheless, the addition of this new bus service has not only made it more convenient for the passengers to travel but also generated growth in the bus industry. The more players come to the market, the merrier it will be for the industry to flourish.

Furthermore, Gulshan Chaka's arrival changed the monopoly dynamics of the bus market in Banani - Gulshan area. Competition is essential. Due to which, bus companies will try to up one another by providing better services to the passengers.

These top-notch A/C bus services could be the best mass transit ride for now, until Metro comes in. Because, for starters, these provide great comfort. The entire bus is air conditioned. This is a must have for mass transits amid this scorching heat. Also, the seats are very spacious and can be reclined to passengers' need.

And the best thing is all these come in quite cheap. The fare for any destination that Gulshan Chaka operates to is BDT15 only.

Now the destinations Gulshan Chaka operates services to are: Kakoli, Banani, Gulshan-2, Gulshan-1, Badda Link Road and Rampura Bridge.

Initially to provide a better service to the passengers, 20 air conditioned buses have been launched, each of the bus has 40 standard seats. The number of vehicles is said to be increased in phases.

BRTA Bangladesh Road Transport Authority has approved route permit to the company and also the DNCC - Dhaka North City Corporation has given permission to Himachal to operate 50 buses on the route.

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