ISHO brings much-awaited revolution in furniture industry

- Tanvir Shams16 Feb, 2020 | 2431 Views|-+
With the core philosophy of creating designs that intrinsically embrace people's everyday routines and cultures, the furniture brand ISHO makes a deliberate sustainable effort to unlock the potential of space with efficient and durable furniture while never undermining aesthetics.

Rayana Hossain, Alumnus of Harvard University and Founder of ISHO said this while talking to The Bangladesh Monitor at her office in the city recently.

Unlike other contemporaries, the latest on-trend furniture brand ISHO bridges the gap between what is desired in modern living and what is available in the market. There is a very big disconnect in not only functionality, but also in the design of furniture. And ISHO fulfils that empty space at a competitive price range, claimed Rayana.

Founded in 2017, ISHO carried out research on focus groups building prototypes at their own manufacturing plant before they came out with a bang in early 2019.

ISHO's complete furniture solutions include all sorts of items for bedroom, office, shelves and wall system, dining room, living room, accessories, baby and children products, textile and rugs, lighting, ceramics, eco-friendly products, smart series, pet corner and outdoor space.

Within the design team, the products have been broken down into three different design styles - Traditional, Modern and Functional.

Traditional has the touch of classical ornamentation, inspired from historical architectural and furniture features, but redefined in a minimalist signature style of the brand.

Secondly, Modern, the trending category, is to cater to up to date people with global styles and design trends.

The third - Functional - focuses on efficiency and multipurpose pieces, for example, adjustable sofa, sofa bed, modular tables and many others.

Under these categories, ISHO brings multiple signature series to the table for their customers. For instance, The Jorasanko series is the brand's minimalist take on the classic rich and elite Kolkata heritage style.

Located at Pragati Sarani, ISHO's flagship store consists of eight floors, featuring four different room requirements - living, dining, bedroom, and office furniture. Walking into each floor, customers can see and experience how that layout will look like in their house. The brand also runs online operations offering home delivery service.

Uniquely, ISHO has its own inter disciplinary design studio which not only works for designing the brand's products but also offers interior services for offices, homes, restaurants and hotels.

Moreover, with their own unique innovation lab, ISHO incorporates technology with revolutionary new design to create furniture that is functional in today's changing world. The innovation lab runs on input from a multidisciplinary team made up of designers, engineers, marketeers and an innovative think tank.

A product of the innovation lab, ISHO's Satranji Project, an attempt to go green, reinvents and revives the 400-year old ancient art of weaving by tribal communities in the northern highlands of the country by introducing it back into our everyday lives with their furniture.

Furthermore, the brand's smart charging table series is another cutting-edge innovation integrated with sleek furniture. Currently, they are working on solar light upholstery which is soon to be launched, announced Rayana.

Sustainability is another key concern for ISHO, said Rayana.

After creating a great stir in the country in just a year, ISHO is now eyeing to step foot in the international market, but in due time, concluded the Founder.

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