Singer thrives successfully in Bangladesh

Farhana Naznin 01 Mar, 2018 | 1478 Views | - +
Dhaka : Singer has been a household name in Bangladesh for long, providing several generations with quality products. In terms of time, it has been 100 plus years in Bangladesh.

The first operation of Singer began in 1905. Later, in 1920, two shops were set up in Dhaka and Chittagong. Now, Singer has 379 outlets all over in Bangladesh and 500 Agents and dealers.

Since its inception in Bangladesh, the name Singer has been synonymous with sewing machine but as the time progressed, it engaged itself with various products, ranging from fridge, television to computer and ovens.

"Although sewing machines are Singer's core business, the management realised that this product alone could not substantiate growth for longer period. This realisation led to diversification into numerous product ranges. Thus, the transformation of Singer from a single product sewing machine company into a multi-product consumer durable company began in 1985 for further growth and expansion," said Mokbulla Huda Chowdhury, Sales Director, Singer Bangladesh Ltd.

This diversification into consumer durables has continued unabated. At different times Singer has introduced refrigerators, LCD/LED TV, colour televisions, furnitures, air conditioners, fans, washing machines, irons, microwave ovens, rice cookers, motorcycles, instant power supply (IPS), DVD players, room heaters, air coolers, kitchen appliances, netbook, laptops, desktop computers, generators, Blue Ray DVD players.

As part of its diversification programme, Singer ventured into the manufacturing and marketing of furniture in 2013. Now it has 25 categories of products.

Gradual transformation of Singer shops into 'Singer Mega' and 'Singer Plus' started back in 2006 as part of its multi-branding strategy. The main focus of this strategy is to make available varied world famous brands under the same product category for providing customers a variety of choice under the same roof.

As such Singer Mega and Singer Plus shops now offer world famous brands like BEKO, Grundig, Apple, Samsung, Siemens, Skyworth, Videocon, Preethi, Singtech, Dell, Toshiba, Prestige, Lifestraw and many more.

"We value the trust you place in us. That's why we insist upon the highest standards for secure transactions and customer information privacy," Mokbulla Huda Chowdhury remarked.

The revenue of Singer Bangladesh increased year-on-year driven by strong sales in all product categories.

They also introduced hire purchase a scheme through which a customer can pay the price of a product in regular installment while enjoying the use of the product. In this process, ownership of the product does not transfer to the buyer until the final payment is made.

From 1857 Singer offering a wide variety of installment payment options through General Budget Book so that customers have the full freedom to choose.

Besides, customers can enjoy the 0 per cent, interest free hire purchase facility any time throughout the year as per management guidelines.

Singer also provides maximum benefit from using your credit card, almost all the leading banks and non-banking financial organisations have partnered with Singer Bangladesh Limited offering buy Now and Pay Later in equal monthly installments in three to 12 months with 0 per cent interest.

Huda said, "We have Customer Relationship Management (CRM) which is a strategy for knowing more about one's customers' needs and behaviours for developing stronger relationship with them."

Singer is the pioneer in setting up a call centre in the consumer electronics and home appliance sector which has been branded as Hello Singer Call Centre and is open six days a week (except Friday) from 8:30 am to 8 pm.

"We always try to continue to increase rapidly with the quality up to international standards, further building on the longstanding trust associated with the Singer brand," Huda said.

"Most of the people in our country are from middle class and they want durable products in reasonable price. For creating the customer trust we add basic feature which can give long duration. This is our motto to achieve trust from our customer," he added.

Singer holds 40 per cent share of Bangladesh market.

"Singer Bangladesh has also received an AAA long-term rating from Emerging Credit Rating Agency. In every year we achieve ICIB Award. The rating reaffirms the company's position as one of the outstanding blue chip multi-national companies in Bangladesh," he informed.

Singer is a public limited company with the main company located in US.

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