Emirates introduces new platform for local businesses to reach Dubai-bound customers

A Monitor Report 27 Sep, 2018 | 3057 Views|-+
Dubai: Emirates launches two new TV channels in their in-flight entertainment system- ice , dedicated to promoting the wide range of activities in Dubai and the UAE. The channels will be on ice in December. The innovative solution will help Dubai and UAE businesses promote themselves to the over 5 million customers who fly on Emirates each month.

Two promotional TV channels will be introduced initially –called Dining and entertainment and Attractions and activities. These will help passengers discover the must-see attractions, plan unforgettable days out and choose from the city’s best dining offerings and much more – all via dedicated TV channels. Emirates will highlight to passengers the availability of these channels, which are included in the ‘Dubai and Emirates’ section on ice. The promotional videos will feature everything from restaurants to golf courses, hotels to authentic UAE experiences, with a broader choice of options available going forward.

The new TV channels provide new marketing opportunities, with bespoke 60 to 120 second video clips allowing businesses to showcase their products and services to a huge and relevant audience.

Creating brand awareness onboard Emirates has been a tremendous success story, with major global and UAE brands keen to market to Emirates high-value customers. These promo channels provide a new solution to market onboard with unique content.

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