Valentine’s Day at Radisson Blu Dhaka 2017

A Monitor Desk Report 08 Feb, 2017 | 6119 Views|-+
Dhaka: Valentine’s Day at Radisson Blu Dhaka 2017 takes on a new exciting journey under the guidance of Executive Chef Jed Archdeacon.

Love is in the Water Garden Brasserie, Feast on Chef Shakers Culinary delights at the Rose Inspired Buffet theme, sumptuous table served Chefs specials with a twist…..Enjoy intimate yet interactive dining at the hotel’s restaurants.

Chef Jed says, “The restaurants’ menu’s have been carefully prepared in order to enliven the senses, through sight, taste, touch and smell. I want the guests to have a sensual dining experience based on gentle textures and subtle yet sophisticated flavors with an element of surprise and mystery…. this for me is what love represents in food.”

“Happening” in Spice and Rice is the love inspired Journey Buffet, featuring live interactive and authentic regional tastes, dusted with romance and sensual dining atmosphere, indulge in Chef James’s luxurious selection of kebabs with a classical quartet of marinations.

Chef Jed and Chef Aloysius have created a simply “Sublime” 6 course “degustation menu” featuring the latest molecular and modern cooking techniques sourcing the highest standard of imported produce from around the world, a dinner not yet performed in the history of Dhaka’s fine dining scene!

Cakes and Macaroons, for take away options and quick bites, Chit Chat will have various cakes and macaroons. The taste, density of colours and flavors in all these would provoke love to your senses.

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