Limited Work Permit for Unit 2 of Akkuyu NPP in Turkey

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The Turkish Atomic Energy Authority (TAEK) has granted a Limited Work Permit (LWP) for construction of Unit 2 of Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant, the first ever nuclear power facility in the country. Four units with the 3+ generation VVER-1200 reactors are being constructed in the Turkish southern province of Mersin with the financial and technical assistance from Russia.

Limited Work Permit is an important stage in the process of licensing of the unit. After thorough review and assessment of the package of documents submitted by the project company Akkuyu Nuclear, TAEK issued the required LWP for the unit. Documents included Preliminary Safety Analysis Report (PSAR), Probabilistic Safety Analysis (PSA) of Akkuyu NPP, as well as a number of other documents confirming safety of the power unit

“When obtaining the Limited Work Permit and the Main License for the construction of Unit 1 our team of has profoundly explored the requirements for documentation, the rules for submission of documents. In addition, our specialists could fully capture the practice and lessons learned for the efficient teamwork when preparing and submitting documents for the LWP for Unit 2”, said Anastasia Zoteeva, Chair of the Board of Directors of project company AKKUYU NUCLEAR.

The Limited Work Permit allows proceeding with the construction and installation works at facilities of the Unit except for that, which are important for nuclear island safety. Excavation of the foundation pit, engineering surveys and other activities will commence under the LWP shortly.

LWP is a significant milestone in project implementation. After having received the LWP the AKKUYU NUCLEAR has to get the Construction License for first concrete pouring at the foundation of the reactor building, which practically means the formal beginning of construction at Unit 2 of Akkuyu NPP.

The Akkuyu NPP is implemented based on the Intergovernmental Agreement, signed between the Russia and Turkey in May 2010. The major shareholder of the Akkuyu NPP is the Russian State Corporation Rosatom. The project is implemented under the BOO (build-own-operate) model. The Project contractor AKKUYU NUCLEAR is responsible for design, construction, maintenance, operation and decommissioning of the plant.

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