Seven passengers flown standing on board a PIA flight

A Monitor Desk Report 26 Feb, 2017 | 4025 Views|-+
Dhaka: Seven passengers flown a PIA flight from Karachi to Medina on January 20, standing all the way, as the 409 capacity aircraft was overbooked by seven passengers.

In a serious breach of safety regulations, the passengers were standing on a four-hour flight from Karachi to Madinah on January 20.

"After take-off when I came out of the cockpit, the senior purser informed me that there were some extra people who were boarded by traffic staff. I also noticed that some of them were people whom I had categorically refused jump seats at the check-in counter before the flight when they approached me for grant of the jump seat," Captain Anwer Adil, who operated the flight on January 20, said in a statement quoted by local media.

"I had already left and the senior purser did not point out extra passengers before closing the aircraft door. Therefore after take-off, immediate landing back in Karachi was not possible. It may be appreciated that immediate landing in Karachi after take-off required a lot of fuel dumping which was not in the interest of the airline," he added.

Further, the captain said, "In Madina and after landing in Karachi from return flight, I could not highlight this fact in the captain's debrief."

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