US-Bangla secures place among world's best for safety standards

- A Monitor Desk Report 31 May, 2019 | 2631 Views|-+
Dhaka: US-Bangla Airlines has secured a place among world's best airlines in the safety ratings list prepared by

This rating is provided on a specific policy basis. The airlines are rated based on the audit reports of the government and aviation governing body, airline's safety data, training and skills of pilot-engineers and the age and model of aircraft.

In this regard, Imran Asif, Chief Executive Officer, US-Bangla Airlines, said, "We are very proud that despite being the youngest private airline in Bangladesh, US-Bangla has secured a place among world's best airlines. This rating is a proof of the excellent safety quality of US-Bangla. We have always tried to ensure safety. This recognition will inspire us to further improve our safety standards among all the airlines of Southeast Asia."

The website has evaluated the statistics and performance of US-Bangla Airlines, conducted over the last 5 years and rated the Bangladeshi private airline as a full-service carrier, prioritising safety among the highest rating standards of 7 stars.

US-Bangla has received a place in the safety ratings alongside world's famous airlines including Emirates, Malaysia Airlines, Singapore Airlines and British Airways.

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