Thailand to host next ASEAN Summit in June

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Dhaka: Thailand is going to host the 34th ASEAN Summit on June 22-23 in Bangkok, announced Suriya Chindawongse from the Department of ASEAN Affairs.

This year’s theme for the summit, nominated by Thailand, is Advancing Partnership for Sustainability.

ASEAN leaders will be coming together to share their visions of partnership for sustainability, ASEAN’s cooperation on disaster prevention and mitigation and to sign a declaration and operational plan addressing marine waste, a framework on the Year of ASEAN Culture 2019 and ASEAN’s opinion on Indo-Pacific affairs.

Thailand’s trade with ASEAN in 2018 was worth USD100.7 billion, which is a 10.4 percent increase from the previous year. The figure was a combination of USD59.6 billion product exports from Thailand and USD41.1 billion imports from ASEAN.

The key export products from Thailand include automobiles and parts, refined oils, chemicals and machinery, while key import products include crude oil, computers and parts.

A special ASEAN Economic Ministers’ meeting will be held on June 21-22 to determine a mutual stance for ASEAN on the procession of the regional economic partnership, to be completed within this year, and to discuss ASEAN cooperation to cope with the digital era, the promotion of digital technologies among individual businesses and the connection of a one-stop electronic customs system with all ten ASEAN countries.

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