AirAsia to remove booking fees for Malaysia flights

- A Monitor Desk Report 20 Aug, 2019 | 1711 Views|-+
Dhaka: Starting on October 1, people booking AirAsia flights to Malaysia would not be required to pay booking fees, the Kuala Lumpur-based low-cost carrier announced on August 19.

The policy would apply to AirAsia passengers worldwide, Jessica Tseng, Taiwan representative of AirAsia said.

Currently, the booking fee for flights from Taiwan to Malaysia is NTD220 per person for a one-way ticket.

The company said in a statement that the fee is related to ongoing administrative, maintenance and developmental costs of its online systems to ensure a secure and safe booking environment, which it would fully absorb.

“AirAsia is synonymous with affordable air travel, and by doing this, we will stay true to our promise. Now everyone can fly. We feel this is especially relevant now with higher passenger service charges at KLIA2 [Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2]. We want to cut travel costs so our guests don’t suffer, and we believe every little helps,” Bo Lingam, President – Airlines, AirAsia Group said.

The airline said it hopes the policy will also encourage more people to travel to and within Malaysia.

“We want to make it an incredible success. This will be great for the tourism industry as well as the Malaysian economy, and it’s one of the ways we want to give back to the country,” Lingam said.

The airline said that it would also remove the processing fees for Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines by December 31.

The current booking fee for flights to any of the three countries is NTD150 per person for a one-way ticket.

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