Several flights to Japan retimed due to typhoon

- A Monitor Desk Report 12 Oct, 2019 | 2716 Views|-+
Dhaka: Super Typhoon Hajibis, expected to hit Japan today, has caused multiple airlines to retime and cancel their flights.

According to Scoot's website, two flights between Singapore and Taipei tomorrow have also been cancelled and passengers will be reallocated seats in later flights.

Three Scoot flights originally scheduled to depart from Singapore for Japan today were retimed, with one going to Tokyo delayed by a full day. These include flights to Tokyo and Osaka.

For Singapore Airlines (SIA), 13 of its flights today have been retimed, with six moved to an earlier time to give a wide berth to the super typhoon. The flights affected include those to Nagoya and Osaka.

SIA also said a flight from Singapore to Los Angeles via Tokyo was affected.

Thai Airways International is also adjusting its flight schedule for services to and from Japan because of the typhoon.

Passengers holding THAI air tickets on the round-trip routes Bangkok-Tokyo (Narita and Haneda), Bangkok-Nagoya and Bangkok-Osaka that are ticketed for the period October 11-13 will receive a ticket change waiver by October 20, an announcement said.

Japan Airlines (JAL) also warned passengers on its website that flights departing from or arriving at Haneda and Narita airports in Tokyo, Nagoya Chubu and Osaka Kansai airports over the weekend have been or are expected to be cancelled or delayed.

Both JAL and All Nippon Airways (ANA) said their telephone lines were very busy due to the flight disruptions, with ANA advising passengers seeking refunds for their disrupted flights to call after Tuesday, October 15 when the bottleneck is expected to have eased.

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