Syed Gousul Alam Shaon, Managing Partner and Country Head, Grey Advertising BD Ltd says

Bangladesh needs communication master plan for tourism branding

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Dhaka: The branding of Bangladesh's tourism has always been inconsistent. To keep it active in the post-coronavirus era, we need to have a communication master plan for tourism, integrating all the branding tools available such as broadcast media, print media, digital or social media, event activation, co-branding, third party and others.

Syed Gousul Alam Shaon, Managing Partner and Country Head, Grey Advertising BD Ltd said this on April 18 during the second session of the weeklong video conference titled PATA Talk During Lockdown organised by Pacific Asia Travel Association Bangladesh Chapter.

"To boost tourism in the post COVID-19 era, we need to have a long term branding strategy and this calls for a dedicated independent team which will work for the country's branding of tourism. Since it is a big industry, it can easily afford such measures," Shaon added.

Social or online media can work as a very important yet cost-effective medium for having both domestic and global reach, he urged.

Also, it is essential to analyse the long term impact of coronavirus on consumer behaviour and lifestyle. Consumers from now on will be more value driven and aware, Shaon said.

He further claimed that there will be an upsurge of travel, among the youth at least, in the post coronavirus period. Because after going through such a long and frustrating lockdown phase, the youth will definitely feel to have some fresh air and embrace the things they could not do while being under lockdown which includes travel. And it will start with domestic tourism, Shaon stated. "Therefore, we must make necessary preparations accordingly."

Proper branding of destinations will also come as a motivation in this regard. For that we can promote the rate opportunity this crisis has brought, Shaon urged.

The lockdown has helped nature restore its resources by which many destinations recovered its natural beauty and attractions. "It is time we sent a team to shoot these places for the purpose of further promotional activities with the brand message that these will be maintained as it is now."

And to maintain, government must take necessary regulatory steps. For instance, they can limit the amount of travellers visiting the destinations in a day, Shaon expressed.

"Such branding initiatives have the power to create a movement that will help increase tourist arrivals creating a global response," Shaon concluded.

The purpose of the video conference to be held every day till April 22 is to come up with findings through discussion between the industry stakeholders and concerned government officials which will be later compiled and proposed as recommendations to the ministry to overcome the unfortunate crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

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