Air India operates chartered flights to repatriate stranded people

Book Air India flights to leave India

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Dhaka: The flag carrier Air India has announced a number of additional chartered flights under the fourth phase of the Vande Bharat Mission with bookings opening on July 13.

So far, the carrier has added several destinations including the US, the UK, Germany, Canada, Singapore, Sharjah, Dubai and Oman into its network of chartered flights.

The fourth phase has been significant as several developments have been achieved towards the resumption of the international flights.

Negotiations are going on with countries like the US, France, Germany to open green corridors. Two-way flights have already started between India and the UAE.

For repatriation to India, travellers must contact their local Indian consulate to book flights.

On the other hand, to book flights operating from India to a foreign country, passengers must first check entry requirements of the destination country.

Passengers also must follow Air India. Since there are limited flights to the US from India, Air India notifies passengers over Twitter when ticket sales will open. These tweets usually include the time at which bookings open.

One of the biggest criticisms of these flights is the extremely high fares. Prices can vary from USD 1,067 to USD 1,734, with the average price being around USD 1,330.

Service on these repatriation flights is quite limited. On Air India, you will find water, meals, and snacks at your seat upon boarding. There is no onboard service, even on 15-hour flights.

Air India does not practice social distancing on board, which means the flight will likely be full. Business Class costs two times the economy fare, with First Class going for four times higher.

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