UAE opens temporary air corridor to Qatar Airways

A Monitor Desk Report 13 Aug, 2017 | 3612 Views|-+
DHAKA: Following a directive from the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the UAE has “temporarily” opened a new air corridor for Qatar Airways aircraft wanting to land in Doha.

The corridor, designated T665, extends from waypoint DAPER off the coast of the UAE to ITMUS, approximately 70nm north-west of Abu Dhabi and to the OVONA waypoint in the Bahraini flight information region.

Qatar Civil Aviation Authority (QCAA) chairman, Abdullah bin Nasser Turki Al-Subaie, said the new corridor was a direct result of ICAO arbitration. The QCAA said the new airway was over international waters, an area supposedly available to everyone.

While the new corridor alleviated scheduling and cost issues for Qatar Airways, it is only open to incoming aircraft. More importantly, Qatar Airways aircraft are still banned from overflying the UAE, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. The latter is unlikely to make any concessions at all; it is not a signatory to the ICAO transit agreement.

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