Rifai visits Madagascar, expresses full support

A Monitor Report 04 Nov, 2017 | 2967 Views|-+
MADRID: Dr Taleb Rifai, Secretary-General of the World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO), has visited Madagascar to express the organisation’s full support to the tourism sector.

Madagascar’s tourism is facing a challenging situation following a plague outbreak which has prompted some countries to implement travel restrictions with Madagascar. Rifai recalled the World Health Organisation (WHO) advises no restriction on travel or trade on Madagascar.

“UNWTO is echoing the advice by WHO to governments not to rush to issue inaccurate travel advisories. The WHO Key Messages updates dated October 26 recalls that the risk of international spread appears unlikely. WHO advises no restriction on travel or trade on Madagascar based on the current available information" said Rifai.

“We cannot penalise a country twice – once by the country being hit and having to confront and pay the direct heavy price of a devastating crisis and second by us, human community, falling into misguided perceptions and, as a result , shunning and isolating the victim country and adding to the problem rather than to the solution” he added.

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