Etihad flight makes emergency landing in Hong Kong following glitch

A Monitor Desk Report 16 Jan, 2017 | 3849 Views|-+
Dhaka:An Etihad Airways flight bound for Abu Dhabi had to make emergency landing at the airport in Hong Kong after the flight encountered a mechanical glitch onboard on January 11.

The Etihad airways flight EY833 initially took off from the airport in Hong Kong around 6:47 pm local time but after encountering the problem, the pilot asked the airport authority to attempt an emergency landing. The pilot of the flight had to go on circles near Hong Kong for four hours.

According to the Airport Authority, the flight was circling at an altitude between 4000 feet and 11,000 feet, just outside Hong Kong.

They also added that they received the distress call from the pilot around 8 pm local time and the pilot of flight EY833, from Hong Kong to Abu Dhabi, requested to return to the airport in Hong Kong and the pilot also requested for a local standby.

The Etihad Airways later issued a formal statement which said that the guests booked on the flight were being re-booked on other airlines or were being provided hotel accommodation in Hong Kong and booked onto the next available Etihad Airways flight.

It is believed that the pilot of the jet was circling the area to burn the fuel and reduce the weight of the flight before making the emergency landing.

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