Dear Sir/ Madam,


You may kindly be aware that premier travel publication of the country- The Bangladesh Monitor is conducting a frequent flyers' poll to award the Best Airlines of the year in various categories since the year 2007 and I am pleased to inform you that the polling for electing The Best Airlines for the year 2019 is now underway.


Conduct of frequent flyers poll to award Airlines, is a worldwide phenomenon which is being practiced in many countries by various publications, trade bodies etc. and we from The Bangladesh Monitor, took the initiative for the first time in Bangladesh and going to hold it for the eighth time this year.


The idea of conducting the poll is to asses popularity of the airlines, operating in Bangladesh; judge their service standards and to create an atmosphere of healthy competitions among themselves.


In the past, we have found great enthusiasm among our frequent flyers in taking part in the poll and all the airlines are also keen to have the results in their favor.

Polling is now open and if you are a frequent flyer, you may take part in it by filling this form or you may also cast your vote online at


The last date for casting your vote is November 15, 2019.


Your valuable opinion will help us to award the deserving airlines in each category and inspire them to continue with their best services to meet the customers' expectations.

We look forward for your opinion in greater number.


Thanking you.



Sincerely yours

Kazi Wahidul Alam

Editor, The Bangladesh Monitor




*Terms & Conditions:

- You will name only Airlines, on the basis of your own experience during the year 2019.

- You do not need to fill in all the categories, unless you feel appropriate. You will only fill in where applicable.

- Identification of the respondents will be kept complete secret and in no circumstances it would be divulged to any quarter.

- Results of the poll will be determined by an independent Jury Committee and decision of the Jury Committee cannot be challenged in any court of law in and outside the country.

- One individual is eligible to cast his or her vote once.

- Your opinion should reach the above address latest by November 15, 2019.

- You may also cast your vote online,

- Any person, undertaken at least 4 (Four) air trips during the year 2019 will be eligible to cast their votes.