Just Holidays CEO Md Faisal Ahmed says

We attend to our corporate clients personally

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Dhaka : Just Holidays is not engaged in arranging just holidays. They do a whole lot more, including ticketing, visa processing and other travel arrangements.

A handful of young men, just out of the university, joined hands to form Just Holidays, which has become one of the leading travel agencies within four years.

Md Faisal Ahmed, CEO, Just Holidays, said a major portion of the company's business is with the corporate houses.

Shawon, as he is known in the travel trade, said, we try to provide the best fares and the best of services to the valued travellers and clients in Bangladesh and abroad.

He said, whatever we do, we do it professionally, adding a touch of passion into our efforts.

Shawon said, we attend to our clients - specially corporate ones - personally. If s/he has to appear before an embassy or high commission, we assign one of our staff members to accompany him or her. After that we follow-up on rest of the work.

VIP clients do not have to worry. Our staff members get their visas and air tickets done, which they get from the comfort of their office or home. All they have to do is to undertake their journey or enjoy the holiday, he said giving an example.

Shawon said, Just Holidays has handled a number of 100-plus groups.

Just Holidays' services include air ticketing, visa processing, hotel booking all over the world, operating tour packages, Hajj and Umrah, corporate tours’ group tours, holiday tours, family tours, honeymoon tours, study tours, river cruises.

We offer guide service, airport pick and drop service, he said.

Besides offering services round-the-clock, Just Holidays goes for innovative campaigns in the social media. One of their campaigns ahead of this Eid-ul-Azha was "Whatever may be the size of the cow you sacrifice, you are in for a surprise."

He said, our staff members are young like us, energetic. The team spirit among them is great. And they go all-out for our clients.

He opined that bank loans should be more easily available for travel agencies. Handling large groups require a lot of money, which we may not have at a particular moment.

Shawon suggested lowering of VAT and other taxes on travel agencies for the growth of the sector.

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