Visit Malaysia campaign targets 30 million tourists by 2020

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Kuala Lumpur : With a total of 25.8 million international tourists arriving in Malaysia in 2018, nation's ambitious growth plans still call for boosting visitor numbers to this exotic, exciting and welcoming destination even more in the near future.

With the Visit Malaysia 2020 campaign in the works, Malaysia's Ministry for Tourism and Culture is targeting arrival figures of 30-million and tourist receipts of RM100 billion (EUR 21.66 billion) by 2020.

"I believe Malaysia's cultural uniqueness is a big draw for the European market," explained Datuk Mohama-ddin bin Ketapi, Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture for Malaysia. He added, "As you may know, Malaysia is a melting pot of cultures with influences from Malay, Chinese and Indian ethnicities, as well as from Europe, Arab and the Malay Archipelago. This has resulted in a mixed yet harmonious legacy that manifests itself in Malaysia's architecture, clothing, language, cuisine and other aspects."

Economic contribution of tourism in Malaysia

The number of employees involved in Malaysia's tourism sector rose to 3.4 million in 2017 from 1.5 million in 2005. Employment in the tourism industry contributed 23.2 per cent to total employment in 2017 (2005: 15 per cent). Most of the jobs in the tourism industry were in the retail trade industry (33.7 per cent) and food and beverage serving services (32.3 per cent) respectively.

Tourism is also important to Malaysia as it helps to empower the local community economically. Taking the Malaysia Homestay Program as an example, it offers the local village-folk to take part in offering authentic homestay experiences to tourists. In 2017, the revenue generated from the program reached RM27.6 million (EUR5.98m).

Statistics show that in 2018, a total of 372,475 tourists (local and foreign) participated in the home stay programme across the nation.

Malaysia is a diverse tourism destination that offers world-class attractions, including nature, shopping, adventure, islands and beaches as well as many international events, offering visitors a plethora of interesting choices. Besides that, the country is also a major destination for medical tourism and MICE events.

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