Md Mahbub Ali, State Minister, Civil Aviation and Tourism says

Bangladesh to have much awaited tourism master plan by June, 2021.

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Dhaka : Bangladesh's tourism is currently in an unplanned state. And to bring it under a proper and sustainable structure, the government has finally began working on the preparation of the tourism master plan by forming a team of national and international consultants. By June 30, 2021, the country will see its much awaited strategic tourism master plan aiming to boost the tourism sector further ahead.

Md Mahbub Ali, State Minister, Civil Aviation and Tourism said this at his speech as the Chief Guest at the official kick-off meeting for the preparation of the tourism master plan for Bangladesh at Dr Cecep Effendi Conference Hall, CIRDAP in the city on January 19.

12 international organisations applied for the preparation of tourism master plan. Among them, seven were shortlisted and out of which five organisations gave proposals.

After an evaluation of 2.5 months, the tourism ministry along with national tourism bodies selected IPE Global for this project. To form a team, IPE Global is pairing up with the international partner Horwath HTL and two national firms BETS and at earth.

Benjamin Carey from IPE Global is the Team Leader and Prof Nurul Islam Nazem from Geography Department of Dhaka University is the Deputy Team Leader for the project.

The preparation of the project started on January 1 this year. And they intend to submit the master plan by June 30, 2021.

The team is going to assess strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of Bangladesh's tourism for preparing the master plan in the first six months. For that, the team is going to run field visits and surveys.

They are going to run project feasibility studies, make regional plans, national plans for both domestic and international tourism leading to the final phase which is the preparation of the strategic master plan.

Bangladesh is currently on 168th position in the world list of convenient places for investment making it one of the least favourable places.

Thus, the master plan should not only focus on tourism facilities, activities or infrastructure but also on making the country favourable to business opportunities for foreign investors, said Benjamin Carey, Team Leader.

"Tourism can be transformational and be an economic driver if it's well-managed and well-planned. It is key to make the place convenient to visit and spend in for the international tourists."

Climate change is another issue for Bangladesh, said Carey. "Mitigating the risks is vital to grow tourism further."

Md Mohibul Haque, Senior Secretary, Civil Aviation and Tourism was also present on the occasion while the meeting was chaired by Dr Bhubon Chandra Biswas, CEO, Bangladesh Tourism Board.

"The master plan should be as per our country's context: environment and culture. Hence, there will be a monitoring team from the ministry for this project. We are also proposing the team to upload the draft of the master plan on the website so that the stakeholders can opine," said Mohibul Haque, Senior Secretary, Civil Aviation and Tourism.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Bhubon Chandra Biswas greeted the project team and expressed his sincere hope that they will come up with an incredible master plan by given time.

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